trailer-loadWhy is it Important to Recycle Car Batteries?
It’s common knowledge that recycling is an important part of maintaining a healthy environment. This is especially true when it comes to batteries. Even with modern technology, the average car battery depends on a number of materials that are highly toxic to humans and the environment. Discarding of your batteries in a conventional landfill allows these materials to leak into the groundwater, where they can poison animals, plants, and nearby cities.

Recycling and the Economy
The lead and other materials used in batteries are valuable to manufacturers. There is a finite amount of lead available and, as natural resources become harder to come by, recycled lead is becoming more and more important. Through recycling, manufacturers are able to produce the new products we use with significantly less energy than would be required for raw materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the sustainability of the industry.

Further, recycling provides many valuable jobs for Americans. When you bring your recycling in to our Tacoma car battery recycling center, you are participating in a system that employs hundreds of thousands of workers, with an economic impact in the billions of dollars. (Source)


How Batteries are Recycled
The good news is that a lead-acid battery is a highly recyclable product. Today, lead acid batteries are the most recycled consumer product, with over 98% of all battery lead successfully recycled. This is compared to only 55% of the aluminum used in soda cans and beer cans, 45% of newspaper, 26% of glass bottles, and 26% of tires.

The big advantage a lead-acid battery has is its closed-loop life cycle. Dead batteries can be sent to a recycling center which, under strict environmental standards, is able to safely remove the lead and plastic for reuse. These reclaimed materials are sent to a battery manufacturer for the creation of new batteries.

Typically, a lead-acid battery is going to contain between 60 and 80% recycled lead and plastic. When these batteries die, the same material can be reclaimed by our Tacoma car battery recycling service over and over again indefinitely.