WLI Recycling Inc.

WLI Recycling Inc. is in the rechargeable battery recycling business because:

  • Recycling metal costs less and uses less energy than producing primary lead from ore.
  • Recycling lead reduces the disposal of lead in the environment.
  • It is important to conserve our limited mineral resources for the future.
  • Batteries contain materials that are toxic to the environment if not properly disposed of.

Recycling Rate GraphThe recycling division added SLABs (Spent Lead Acid Batteries) to its list of unique products because of our commitment in helping to sustain our environment for future generations.

Before reaching the recycling plant, scrap batteries must be collected, packaged, stored and transported with proper care, in order to avoid adverse health effects and environment contamination. Over the years we have built the infrastructure to accomplish this goal, as part of our Environmentally Sound Management program.

Battery Recycling Process

Battery Council International

forklift-warehouseOur efforts for a sustainable environment are supported by a number of SLABs collection centers, established by WLI throughout Tacoma and the surrounding areas. The collection centers are a mix of independently owned repair shops, used tire shops, small used car dealers, and convenience stores. Together, they are our partners in helping to improve and sustain our environment and to help maintain our resources. LEARN MORE

A partnership with WLI Recycling Inc., for reclamation of scrap vehicle batteries, makes a difference to our environment of the future. If you are sincere about increasing your income potential while helping to sustain our environment, please contact us.