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btm-img1No matter what form of operation your firm is designed for and your company depend on rechargeable lead acid batteries, including deep cycle, forklift or storage; you can’t afford to wait and have maintenance replace a non-producing battery.

It’s all about preparation, technology, expertise, monitoring and response, to keep your operations up and running while reducing unexpected downtime due to non-producing batteries.

EBS provides all of the necessary services and technology, along with trained technicians to not only recapture non-performing batteries, but also extend the life of each new battery by 4 to 5 years…to think we do this 24/7/365.

btm-img2Operational managers have used traditional fleet management solutions and forklift management systems, to help predict cost, improve productivity and enhance visibility of their fleet’s performance.

Most of these systems provide metrics on each forklift such as tracking capabilities, motion and load sensors. They do not help you gain or manage cost on a per-battery basis.

Consistent undercharging, fast or opportunity charging, places increased demand on the battery and can reduce the life expectancy of the battery by 2 to 3 years, thus, unnecessarily increasing your battery replacement cost. Fast and opportunity charging environments may also produce a false reading of the Battery Discharge Indicator.

Most forklifts come supplied with some type of device to display the battery SoC based on the battery surface voltage.

btm-img3Because the battery is charged multiples times during a shift, the BDI becomes perplexed and often displays “full battery“. As a result, the battery is not charged. When the SoC falls under 20%, drive components such as traction, lift motors or cutouts may burn out or become damage, thereby contributing to both lost time and lost productivity.

If your company is considering the concept of “Managing forklift batteries as an asset”, EBS can provide the following services that can interface with other Vehicle Management Systems such as Vigilant G2, Vigilant LT, AsstPro , t-mactics or PowerFleet:

btm-img4 Track each asset in real time
Instantaneously measure all data
Storage and analysis of historical data
24/7/365 remote monitoring services

The following represents the benefits and dollar savings of our system:

Minimize the costs connected to batteries by extending battery life up to 100% and increase both the capacity and performance. (Recover the capacity of worn-out forklift batteries)
Reduce battery inventory and target battery replacement when essential.
Increase the efficiency, functionality and reliability of lead-acid batteries.
Prevent early battery replacement and decrease energy consumption while lowering of CO2 emissions.
Reduce the frequency of battery disposal and provide a closed-looped system for battery recycling.
Our PowerBatt products are I5O 9001 and I5O 14001 certified.

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If you are interested in a demonstration of how PowerBatt can save you money by extending the life of your batteries or would like additional information, please call us at (253) 267-1965 or submit a request and we will respond within 24 hours.