World Logistics, Inc., a Washington State Corporation, and its three divisions, was founded by Louis LaMonte and Chan Joo Lee in 2011. Today, World Logistics is an industry leader, committed to providing the best for environmental sustainability. The business is based on high values and satisfying the customer’s expectations at the highest level of service and respect.

The cornerstones of our commitment can be found within each division and their innovative approach to addressing a national need, while servicing our customers.


  • Golf Cart
  • Forklifts
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Automotive
  • Marine

Positioning Statement
World Logistics, through its three divisions, is committed to providing the best vehicle starting experience to both businesses and consumers, while staying committed to its goal of recycling 100% of scrap batteries from its collection centers.

Our Values
Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Sustainability, Community Involvement, Ethical Business Practices and Social Responsibility.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

  • Protecting the health of the population and our employees
  • Compliance of State and Federal Codes of Regulations
  • Environmental Management System to ensure Environmental Sound Management

The Future